Welcome to ymarketing!

25 Jun

I am very excited to have finally relaunched my Search Engine Marketing Firm. Rather than run on about how great we are, I thought I’d save all of my prospective readers the BS and get right to the meat of it :).

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions or an FAQ if you will (a little more ‘about mes’):

What is ‘ymarketing’?

Originally founded in 2002 as a Yahoo! Store Marketing firm with some of the largest Yahoo! Stores (now Merchant Solutions) including American Apparel and Callaway Golf Preowned.

What Does ymarketing mean today?

I am still working on that :). Seriously though, the Double Entendre is that ‘y marketing’ translates into ‘emarketing’ but not in the scientific language.

How are you different than other Search Engine Marketing firms?

We are owned and operated by some seasoned pros that really really understand business having started a few of our own. That is, after having worked for too many firms in the old dot-com era and finding ourselves without a job after the bomb dropped and crashed the Nasdaq.

More to come on this ongoing Q/A Session…

-The MADD Man