Is Yahoo! Search Marketing Overcharging you for Content Match?

21 Jan

I received a few of these emails for various Yahoo! Search Marketing Accounts today:

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Dear Advertiser,

Our systems experienced an unexpected technical issue that caused a
limited number of Content Match clicks to be priced higher than we
intended. As a result, we have credited your account XXXXXXXXXX
in the amount of $XX,XXX.XX.

To protect the integrity of our systems, we unfortunately cannot
provide you with more specific details associated with this
issue. However we want to assure you that we have identified and
corrected this issue.

Your credit should now be reflected in your account balance. You can
see this adjustment by viewing the Billing Transaction Detail Report
within the Reports section of your account.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at
866-YAHOO-SM (866-924-6676).


Your Partners at Yahoo! Search Marketing

Now the funny thing is I can’t recall the last time we enabled Content Match for any of our clients due to what we view as ‘lack of quality traffic’ (i.e. it never converted well). Therefore this credit has to be for traffic delivered back in the first half of 2007.

Timing aside, what is most intriguing is how “a limited number of clicks” became a 5-Figure credit; I wonder if this is what their engineers had in mind when they rolled out the new Quality Based Pricing Model last year :).

-The MADD Man

PS: Yahoo! cutting 20% of their workforce is starting to make a little more dollar$ and $ense!