I Took the Red Pill to Hack My Own Life

8 Sep

Admittedly I borrowed this idea from JB’s Searchblog, as I used to work off of a setup like his several years ago. I also have to give credit to the original Lifehackers.

As a Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) by trade, my obsessive compulsiveness (OCD) has poured over into my every day personal and work life. I now end up ‘twacking’ everything, work stations included!

Also, as a serial entrepreneur I am always extremely busy and do everything possible to increase productivity; in addition to working for my Search Engine Marketing Firm I also own/operate a Sports Nutrition Company and am producing a TV Show (will have more info on this shortly).

The System

What we have here (besides failure to communicate) is a system comprising of 5 machines (from left to right):
-PowerBook G4
-HP Pavilion (backup box)
-Apple iPhone (8 gigger)
-HP Dual Core Pavilion (primary box)
-HP Pavilion Tablet PC

All computers share 1 primary terminal (keyboard + mouse) and 3 19″ Samsung Monitors via the use of software (synergy) and hardware (IOGEAR KVM Switch) .

The End Result?

1) 300% increased productivity
2) ZERO Downtime
3) A lot of toys to play with (=’s fun)

-The MADD Man

PS: Please feel free to tap me on the shoulder during lunchtime at the next industry event and I will gladly show you how to optimize a sandwich :).