George Carlin's – 7 Words You Can’t Say on [Offline] Media: TV or Radio

23 Jun

It was a sad day in the comedic forest yesterday when arguably, the tallest tree fell; so tall the sound was loud enough for the entire world to hear in less than 24 hours.

George Carlin was one of the most influential comedian’s of all time; not just for folks in the comedy biz but also those with careers in broadcasting and advertising. If you are familiar with his work you may also know his father was an Ad Man which I would presume sparked his rant on BullShit:

“Every time you’re exposed to advertising in America you’re reminded that this country’s most profitable business is still the manufacture, packaging, distribution, and marketing of bullshit. High-quality, grade-A, prime-cut, pure American bullshit.

In honor of one of the greatest, here is my tribute to George:
…which sparked a debate on censorship eventually running all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court and a landmark decision resulting in the created of the family hour.

Farewell GC; an old friend is indeed gone but not forgotten…we will always celebrate your life.

-The MADD Man

PS: I know he would appreciate the publishing of this list, so here they are, the seven words [uncensored] + the 3 that did not make the cut:

  1. Shit
  2. Piss
  3. Fuck
  4. Cunt
  5. Cocksucker
  6. Motherfucker
  7. Tits
  8. Fart
  9. Turd
  10. Twat

PSS: for those with a little more free time on their hands, here is the whole bit with an explanation of each:)