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Google Robots Exclusion Protocol

27 Jul

Meta Tags are officially dead.

Oh wait, long live the !

I guess these are like the X-Box of Meta Tags that killed Play Station :).

-The MADDMan

GM Transforms Chevy Camaro into Ford Mustang

8 Jul

I finally saw the Transformers Movie, the 5th movie in a series of summer blockbusters, on the Saturday of an opening weekend. I say ‘finally’ because I live in the Entertainment Capital of the world, and there are Movie Screenings, Red Carpet Premiers, what-have-you at every major theatre Mon-Sun. If you don’t catch a flick there you can always head over to the fashion district downtown and get the latest bootlegged DVD…at least that’s what I hear.

So back to GM’s Product Placement campaign; I found it fascinating since during my day job (as the head of a fast growing Search Engine Marketing Department) I am often tasked with strategically integrating Search Marketing into all sorts of offline advertising campaigns (DR and Branding), promos, etc.

Here are the facts as I know them (after I ‘Googled It’):

  • Chevy Camaro Sales have been down so far that Chevrolet decided it best to just discontinue the model in 2002 after 35 years in production
  • Pontiac Sales were also down in 2005 after falling over the years
  • GM’s Retail Sales (non-commercial) were up 14.5% compared to the same month during the prior year

How did they do it?

You guessed it, Product Placement. Pontiac successfully relaunched their brand starting with the introduction of a ‘sexy gorgeous two-seat roadster’ with a very catchy Nameplate: Solstice (more on that over at my Mazda Trumps Pontiac post). I guess GM finally admitted something was broke over at Chevrolet and decided to use Product Placement would be a good fix for their flagship Make (brand). However, I did not see them using Search to also support it.

The real question is did anyone Google Transformers Car?

Me thinks so.

How did GM creatively placed this Brand along side a competitor (conquested Ford’s Mustang)?

The Camaro has always competed against what enthusiast’s would call Ford’s ‘Five Point Slow’ Mustang. In one scene of Transformers, the driver of the lead transformer which originally starts off as a Classic Chevy Camaro (Circa 1970) in the film, eyeballs a new 2007 Ford Mustang. The Transformer takes note and decides to literally Transform into a newer model that looks strikingly familiar:

-The MADD Man

PS: my pick for hot (new) toy this holiday season?
If you said ‘Transformers’ then you have chosen wisely.

Welcome to ymarketing!

25 Jun

I am very excited to have finally relaunched my Search Engine Marketing Firm. Rather than run on about how great we are, I thought I’d save all of my prospective readers the BS and get right to the meat of it :).

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions or an FAQ if you will (a little more ‘about mes’):

What is ‘ymarketing’?

Originally founded in 2002 as a Yahoo! Store Marketing firm with some of the largest Yahoo! Stores (now Merchant Solutions) including American Apparel and Callaway Golf Preowned.

What Does ymarketing mean today?

I am still working on that :). Seriously though, the Double Entendre is that ‘y marketing’ translates into ‘emarketing’ but not in the scientific language.

How are you different than other Search Engine Marketing firms?

We are owned and operated by some seasoned pros that really really understand business having started a few of our own. That is, after having worked for too many firms in the old dot-com era and finding ourselves without a job after the bomb dropped and crashed the Nasdaq.

More to come on this ongoing Q/A Session…

-The MADD Man

Technorati: Claiming ymarketing's Search Engine Marketing Soapbox Blog!

24 Jun

Here is ymarketing’s new Technorati Profile:
Technorati Profile
…Time to clean slate it!

I prefer to post claim, unless you want the big T to have access to your blog :).

-The MADD Man